I first started seeing different counsellors after being diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago, but it wasn’t until I found Tess that I truly felt myself start to heal and move forward. Tess is the most amazing person who really listens and I felt really ‘got me’. I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my life after starting therapy together. I can not recommend her enough.
I first met Tess when I returned to my home town after being away for a long time and I had experienced some changes in my life I did not expect. Tess helped me learn to manage anxiety, change my thoughts about myself and my thinking, understand links with my childhood, self compassion and self love. Tess allowed me to feel safe to express all my thoughts without fear of judgment. Tess is very professional, yet warm, honest caring and kind in her approach I highly recommend Tess to anyone who needs help with relationships, life or themselves. Tess also follows up with her clients and this is a wonderful service, Thank you Tess!
I knew I had to get help for myself so I went through the phone book and this lovely lady jumped out at me. Ive been seeing Tess for about 6 months or so now and not only do I feel I can cope better, my family life is so much better. I’d like to thank you Tess and I would recommend your services to anyone.