Feeling like someone has your back empowers you to do your best work. I delight in co-creating a safe place for counsellors to unpack their therapeutic challenges.  

Good Supervision is essential to good practice and a pivotal ingredient of mindful self care for those working in the mental health sector.

Whilst I have completed an approved Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Supervisor’s course, the model of supervision I most closely follow is that of Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll’s Reflective Practice in Supervision (2016), employing their philosophy, that the best teachers are within ourselves

I offer practitioners a safe space to pause within their practice life, where reflections and vulnerability are not only accepted, but encouraged. Our co-creation of this safe supervisory dialogue will give us each permission to question established wisdom, unpacking our beliefs with an awareness of the many narratives inter-weaving our practice frameworks.

Although supervision focuses on 3 primary areas, being Client Care, Professional Standards and Professional Development, it will be you that guides the focus and content of your supervision sessions as your practice and situation dictates. I also offer immediate support in situations of emergency.