Relationship Therapy...

We are all defined by the relationships we have .. and even those we don't have. Relationship Counselling can be about the relationship you have with your partner/s, your parent, your child, your friend, your co-worker, your boss or employee, even the relationship you have with your culture and most especially, the relationship you have with yourself! We are always negotiating relationships - how these are negotiated has a large impact on our happiness, sense of purpose and contentment. I love using my trauma informed Couples Therapy protocol Tapping into Relationships - eft2 to help you quickly …

  • Rebuild trust where it has been broken.

  • Improve communication through empathic listening.

  • Reinvigorate connectedness.

  • Reclaim intimacy.

  • Refine parenting skills.

  • Develop coping strategies after a relationship breakdown.

  • Negotiate the challenges of blended families.

  • Separate with dignity & create respectful Parenting Plans.

  • Gain support through grief after losing a loved one.

  • Manage life stages and the inherent challenges of those.

  • Find ways to live fulfilling lives with physical or mental illness.

  • Manage the relationship challenges of addictions and phobias.

  • Untangle co-dependency to create interdependence.

  • Stop domestic violence by taming fear and creating empathic respect.

  • Halt transgenerational trauma and find new ways for your family to engage.

  • Gain support and education in managing Adult ADHD, Narcissism and other personality disorders within the relationship dynamic.

  • Relieve sexual issues within your relationship.

  • Create harmonious polyamorous relationships.