Welcome to a wonderful new way of experiencing relationship therapy. 

By incorporating the latest research in neuroscience, with an established and well validated relationship therapy, an exciting new relationship therapy protocol, eft2, has been created.

There is well researched evidence that Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique - eft) is a rapid and simple way for people to calm in stressful situations. By harnessing this calming power of Tapping (eft), within the relationship therapy, I am able to escalate and consolidate therapeutic change, not just within the relationship, but within the partners themselves. 

Most relationship therapies refer to the energy between a couple but don’t directly work upon it. eft2 proactively works on that personal and relational energy, to ease the path of relationship therapy. As each client experiences a calming shift in their polyvagal nervous system, they are able to create transformative empathic energy and connectedness within their relational dynamic. The power of a couple tapping together really is exponential and it is why a friend and colleague suggested I call this therapy not just relationship eft, but eft2 - Tapping into Relationships!


What’s so wonderful about this new relationship therapy protocol?

It works very quickly ... that means getting out of the counselling room and into your life a lot sooner.

You learn how to calm ...  and how to calm in a matter of minutes! That calmness allows your brain to more easily access your creative problem solving skills. It’s almost magical to watch how couples locked in confusion and hurt can so quickly create connectedness again and in so doing, find mutually satisfying solutions to what was troubling them. 

You feel change happening in that very first session ... You will feel heard and understood in a way that you may never have experienced before. It begins in that very first session and we continue to develop your ability to both share and hear from a gentle place of loving vulnerability, until you feel confident to do this yourself out of the counselling room ... and it won’t take that long. 

Shame and blame disappear as you learn new ways to communicate ... Those old ways of desperately trying to manage the issues (and each other!) are no longer required! As you learn to calm and manage your nervous system, it’s much easier to find the words that gently express what has been locked inside for so long. Yes the yelling, the nagging, the whinging, the storming out, the threats and stone walling, the passive aggressive ways and even the verbal and physical abuse, can stop. You simply don’t need those old ways of coping anymore. 

Empathic re-connection is created ... the seeds of kindness are sewn in that first session as you are guided to use eft2 together. You also learn how to nurture this empathic connectedness at home.

You won’t feel analysed or as if this is a cookie cutter therapy  ... This therapy meets you where you’re at and takes you to where you want to be. There are no counsellor enforced stereotypes of what relationships should look like. With support, you get to co-create your relationship with your partner or partners or community. This therapy works if you’re in a heterosexual relationship, a gay relationship, polyamorous relationships, an open relationship, or any description that best works for you. It simply calms the human body, to access the human mind and free the human spirit for connectedness.

The emotional intimacy generated by eft2 fosters physical intimacy ... Feeling emotionally safe in relationship creates a safe way to talk about sex, so that you can begin to create a wonderful sexual connection.

It creates change that lasts ... In session you are learning and practicing exactly what you can do at home. You might need my support for the first few weeks but after that you will understand yourself and each other better and have the strategies to calm and connect to use for the rest of your life.  

It’s simple ... you are not overwhelmed by a complexity of coping skills, techniques or strategies. Because you feel so calm and so safe in session, you remember a lot more of the session. You go home after that first session not only with hope, but literally a little changed and with a safe technique for changing old sabotaging patterns, to create new exciting ways of harmonious togetherness.

It’s simple ... but it works on complex issues ... eft 2 - Tapping into Relationship is a trauma informed relationship therapy. It can help you to stop recycling old emotions. Trauma can be gently tended to and healed within the relationship therapy itself, creating empathic understanding and connection between you and your partner. It can also be used where addictions, neurological differences and disorders and mental illnesses often preclude other traditional relationship therapies (Couples have successfully employed eft 2 to enhance relationships where PTSD, BPD, Narcissism, ADHD, ASD and attachment trauma play a part into their relationship challenges).

It’s great value ... because Tapping into Relationships - eft 2, is so effective and so quickly effective, you spend less money on therapy and more on yourselves. Since using eft 2, I find clients are reducing the time they are in therapy by at least half, if not more. Investing in your relationship is the gift you choose to give to yourselves. Saving money whilst you do that, well that’s golden and it’s the gift I would like to give to you.

eft 2 isn’t just limited to romantic relationships ... This relationship therapy protocol can be applied to any relationship - the one you have (or don’t have) with your mother, father or parents; the one you have with your child or children; the one in which you struggle with your work colleague or boss or the person you are trying to mentor. This therapy helps you manage all your relationships better because it helps you manage you better! The eft 2 protocol helps you to achieve individual emotional regulation to establish emotional co-regulation.

I actually now feel unethical if I don’t first offer eft2 relationship therapy to new clients. Why would I want clients to spend months and years in relationship therapy when I know there is an easier, kinder, faster way? Why would I want them to experience another round of hurt, confusion or abuse as they struggle through months and years of therapy? I can still provide typical relationship therapy if you want me to, because it is your counselling, your hearts, your money, your time, but I do want you to know about this other way of Tapping into your Relationship - eft 2

I am presenting my new trauma informed relationship therapy protocol - Tapping into Relationships - eft 2 at the following conferences this year :


  • As a keynote speaker at the 9th Indigenous STOP Domestic Violence Conference.

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