I am tess Reilly-Browne...

I hold a Masters degree of Counselling and an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education, along with other qualifications and certificates that underpin my family relationship counselling practice and I am a top level member of the Australian Counsellors Association, but it’s my passion for the counselling relationship that sets me aside. It’s my delight in developing a strong nurturing therapeutic relationship with my clients, that defines me as a counsellor.

Research informs how I mindfully employ therapies to engage the wonderful neuro-plasticity of the brain - we really can rewire our brain. As one client recently described me - I am open minded … and I believe in the power of the mind. 

Whilst strong academic qualifications and research support my therapeutic approach, it is the richness and diversity of my own life that brings empathic wisdom to my counselling. I maintain a holistic, relational and humanistic-existential focus. We all navigate relationships the entirety of our lives - focusing on the relational dynamics within counselling, provides a leverage for change that bypasses blame, guilt and shame.

I delight in integrating and creatively tailoring a variety of cognitive, systemic and emotional theories and therapies to support clients to identify and acknowledge stuck feelings, rigid thought patterns and entrenched behaviours that sabotage their dreams and goals. Counselling and the therapeutic relationship become the safety net and the springboard from which clients can let go of old belief systems, to create fulfilling relationships and lives.